Filmage Coverage


"'Filmage' has genuine soul" Los Angeles Times

"Behind every pop-punk success story is a debt to the original L.A. bands chronicled in this ingratiating docu." Variety

"Filmage is a tight, poignant exploration of Descendents and ALL… Tears were shed.” – Mostly Harmless

“One of the best untold stories of punk rock.” – HM Magazine

“Harrowing and affecting”- Celebrated Summer Records

“Emotional depth that you rarely see in these kinds of films.” – Theme Park Experience

"Directors Deedle LaCour and Matt Riggle brilliantly capture the birth and evolution of this seminal punk band.” – The LA Beat

"Beautifully shot and lovingly told, it rises above being a story about two bands and instead becomes a time capsule of the punk genre and a genuinely human story." – ABC Melbourne

“Visually appealing and tightly constructed... a well-paced and accessible piece of filmmaking” – The Varsity

“Filmage does the almost impossible task of telling the story of countless members, locations, line up changes, re-formations, triumphs and heartbreak.” – Celebrated Summer Records

“This documentary addresses many of the simple dichotomies and ironies that many musicians and human beings alike tend to face.” – Under The Gun

“You are sure to engage with this film emotionally as well as intellectually... a rollercoaster of emotions.” - Under The Gun

“Whether or not you were a fan going in, you will have a newfound respect for the most recognizable glasses and tie in punk.” – The Varsity

"Simply put, Filmage rules and you should see it.” – Orange County Weekly

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