Cronos Titan

Cronos Titan "Valium" CD

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Cronos Titan "Valium" CD
Cronos Titan "Valium" CD

 Cronos Titan "Valium" CD

Release Date: 2015
Country: Germany
Genre: Electronic, Rhythmic, Industrial, Noise, Experimental
Label: Emmo.Biz/Sub Culture

Catalog#: EZR062
Format: CD

Project from ex-Apoptygma Berzerk member Per Aksel Lundgreen. Their lost album from 1997, where the tapes were rediscovered in 2015 and then released! - Limited Edition 500 copies.

1. Valium I
2. Valium II
3. Valium III
4. Valium IV
5. Valium V
6. Valium VI
7. Valium VII


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