Cronos Titan

Cronos Titan "Brides Of Christ" LP

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Cronos Titan "Brides Of Christ" LP
Cronos Titan "Brides Of Christ" LP

Originally released in 1995, and long out of print on CD, this industrial/EBM classic is now being released on vinyl for the very first time. Per Aksel Lundgreen (ApoptygmaBerzerk/Angst Pop/Chinese Detectives) and Preben Bjønnes(Defcon 4/Chinese Detectives/Posh) made “Brides Of Christ” over a few cold weeks in February 1995, and the album has since been acclaimed as an early classic of the industrial/EBM scene. Due to the limitations of the LP format, some of the songs have now been edited for time, and of course remastered especially for the vinyl format. With a redesigned sleeve by Halvor Bodin who designed the original sleeve, paying true homage to the classic and original look, this very limited white vinyl release will be a must have for fans and collectors worldwide.

Release date: 7th. July 2021
Country: Norway
Format: LP
Genre: EBM/Industrial/Electronic/Experimental
Label: Tatra Records/Sub Culture Records
Catalog#: TATLP 023


A1 The Creator
A2 Galeidos (Vinyl Edit)
A3 I Am A Man Of God

B1 Baby In Religious Trance (Vinyl Edit)
B2 The Art Of Coincidence (Vinyl Edit)

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