Various Artists - "Cyberworld II" CD

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Various Artists - "Cyberworld II" CD
Various Artists - "Cyberworld II" CD

Various Artists - "Cyberworld II" CD

Release Date: 1994
Country: Denmark
Genre: EMB/Electronic/Industrial
Label: Hard Records
Catalog#: HARDEST08
Format: CD

Early compilation of electro, EBM and industrial from Denmark. Since Stephan Groth was born and raised in Odense, Denmark, and then moved to Norway at the age of 16, he was asked to participate on both "The Digital Space Between - Vol. 2" and "Cyberworld II". In great company here with Max M, Klute, Dr. Baker (Remixed by Leæther Strip!), Sloppy Wrenchbody, Koxbox and of course In Absentia, the band that APOP did their very first gig in Denmark with, back in 1991. Recommended listening for those that want an insight into the early electronic scene in Denmark. APOP is represented with the album-version of "Backdraft".

1. Max M - Cyberworld
2. Apoptygma Berzerk - Backdraft
3. Godheads - War Of Violence
4. Suiciety - Renegate
5. Klute - They're Right, I'm Wrong
6. Birmingham 6 - Contagious
7. Dr. Baker - Turn Up The Music (Leather Bunny Mix)
8. Mind Resuscitate - Overloaded
9. Oga Syndicate - Argon
10. Institute For The Criminally Insane - Aquanoid
11. In Absentia - Fuck-Die
12. Stereoids - Norman Bates
13. Sloppy Wrenchbody - Cut Me Down (Freedom Remix)
14. Citizen Nightmare - Tribe
15. Koxbox - Birdy

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