Cronos Titan "Titans Remain!" CD

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Cronos Titan "Titans Remain!" CD
Cronos Titan "Titans Remain!" CD

Cronos Titan "Titans Remain!" CD

Release Date: 2012
Country: Germany
Genre: EBM, Darkwave, Industrial, Electronic
Label: Emmo.Biz

Catalog#: EZR014
Format: CD

Project from ex-Apoptygma Berzerk member Per Aksel Lundgreen. Their 2012 comeback album, inspired by the release of their 2xCD compilation "Total Titan!" and 3 festival gigs in the summer of 2012." Limited Edition of 500 individually numbered copies!

1. Crash The Scriptures
2. Clouds Of Glory
3. Army Of Lies
4. Poison Chalice
5. The Spiritual Hunger
6. Inside The Giant Iron Cross
7. In Times Of Passion
8. I Am A Machine (Parts I-III)


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