Apoptygma Berzerk "Unicorn & Harmonizer" CD+DVD (PAL) (German Deluxe Version)

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Apoptygma Berzerk "Unicorn & Harmonizer" CD+DVD (PAL) (German Deluxe Version)
Apoptygma Berzerk "Unicorn & Harmonizer" CD+DVD (PAL) (German Deluxe Version)

Apoptygma Berzerk "Unicorn & Harmonizer" CD+DVD (PAL)

Release Date: Oct 2007
Country: Germany
Genre: Electronic/Synth-Pop
Label: Hard:Drive, 2006 Records
Catalog#: 2006Rec010
Format: CD + DVD (PAL / European Format) Deluxe Edition

"Unicorn & Harmonizer" is a remastered deluxe edition CD+DVD set. It contains both the "Unicorn" CD EP and the "Harmonizer DVD" in a gatefold digipack. The "Harmonizer DVD" was recorded live in 2003 during "The World Harmony Tour" at Grosse Freiheit 36, in Hamburg Germany. It also includes the original music-videos for "Until The End Of The World", "Unicorn" and "Suffer In Silence" as well as some cool bonus track remixes!

NOTE! The DVD is in PAL format which is European Region, so you need a player that is region free or that can play back PAL format for this DVD to work perfectly. The CD is of course playable on all CD players everywhere in the world!

1. Unicorn (Video Version)
2. Unicorn (Fairlight Children Remix)
3. Unicorn (T.O.Y. RMX)
4. Unicorn (Killin' RMX By Freezepop)
5. Unicorn (Hocico Remix)
6. Unicorn (Alon Cohen Remix)
7. Unicorn (Drugwar Remix)
8. Pikachu™ (No Comment Remix)
9. 114 BPM
10. A Strange Day
11. Non Stop Violence (Live In Tel Aviv)
12. Suffer In Silence (Icon Of Coil Remix)
13. Suffer In Silence (Electro Version)
14. Until The End Of The World (Dark Club Remix)
15. Kathy's Song (Green Court Remix)

The Harmonizer - The Show:
1. More Serotonin...Please
2. Suffer In Silence
3. Spindizzy
4. Extract From APBL2000
5. Kathy's Song
6. Pikachu™
7. Unicorn
8. Until The End Of The World

The Documentary:
House Of APB 4:AM
These Are The Guys
They Are Apoptygma Berzerk
The Welcome To Earth Tour
Happy The Man
Big Al's Recording Studio
Happy 21
New York City
I Can Just Do Something
The Sound Of New York
Demo Until The End Of The World
Geir In The House
Suffer In Nevada
The Visual Concept
Really Good Photographers
The Easiest Guy To Work With
Something Mean In German
Leaving The Band
An Angel Arrives
Can You Hear Jimmy
Breaking New Ground
Up In The Mountains
You Fuck
About The Live Show
Let's Hit The Road
Unknown Territories
Going To Israel
Non-Stop Violence In Tel Aviv
Special Moments
Thank You Very Much

Music Videos:
Until The End Of The World
Suffer In Silence

Bonus Material:
Unicorn (Freezepop's DVD Mix)
Unicorn (T. Schmidt And A. Deal Tanzmischung)
APBL2000 Trailer
Ronan Harris And The Cameras

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