Apoptygma Berzerk "Major Tom" CD EP

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Apoptygma Berzerk "Major Tom" CD EP
Apoptygma Berzerk "Major Tom" CD EP

Apoptygma Berzerk "Major Tom" CD EP

Release Date: Sep 2013
Country: Germany
Genre: Electronic/Synthpop
Label: Emmo.Biz

Catalog#: EZR 032
Format: CD EP (Jewelcase Version)

"Major Tom (Coming Home)" is a German classic from Peter Schilling, and in the 80's  the lyrics were translated and released with English lyrics and then quickly became a hit both in the US, Scandinavia and the UK. APOP did their own special twist of this track, and it's been a full-on live favorite for a long time, even before this EP was released, as it was part of their live set since 2011. The EP includes remixes from old friends like Technomancer & Angst Pop, People Theatre, Alon Cohen (the producer from the "Harmonizer" album), and Code 64. A brand new song was also included, the first new APB-song for many years, "Dead Air Enz", a haunting minimal piece with hints to the old DDR and secret messages through the airwaves across the wall. The amazing track "Shadow" from "Rocket Science" also gets a great workover here from Technomancer.

1. Major Tom (Coming Home)
2. Dead Air Einz
3. Major Tom (Coming Home) (People Theatre Remix)
4. Major Tom (Coming Home) (Technomancer feat. Angst Pop Remix)
5. Shadow (Technomancer Remix)
6. Major Tom (Coming Home) (Code 64 Remix)


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